Travis King, Jr.

Professional Multi- Instrumentalist/ Music Director/ Arranger/ Producer/ King

Get To Know Trav

Travis Leon King, Jr. was born September 24, 1992 to Travis L. King, Sr. & Angela King. He was born and raised in Valdosta, Ga. Since Trav was in diapers, he has been passionate about music. His parents bought him a drum set for Christmas at the age of 1, and he's been playing drums ever since. Trav has always had a good ear for music which made learning how to play keys easier for him. He started playing keys around the age of 15. He was the Hammond Organist for Tabernacle Church of God in Christ (Valdosta, Ga). Playing Hammond Organ disciplined him to play in all 12 keys. 

Trav attended high school at Valdosta High School (c/o 2011). During his time there, he marched for the Valdosta High School Marchin Cats all four years of high school. Playing cymbals, first bass drum, quints, and snare drum. During his junior year, Trav became a father to his first child, Travis L. King, III on May 6, 2010. His junior and senior years in high school, he was encouraged by his Assistant Director of Bands & Jazz Ensemble director,  Mr. Andrew Hill, to try out on drum set for the Valdosta High School Jazz Ensemble. This would be Trav's first official introduction to jazz music. He had never played much jazz before. After trying out and getting the principle drum set spot, he decided to challenge himself more by trying out for the South Georgia District 8 Jazz enemble his juinior year. He was successful in this for two years straight. His senior year, he participated in the Georgia All-State Jazz workshops held at Valdosta State University for the best high school jazz musicians in the state of Georgia. In 2011, Trav graduated from the Valdosta High School. 

After high school, he decided to continue to pursue music as a career, so he became a Jazz Performance major at Valdosta State University with drum set being his principle instrument. During his first semester in college, Trav was united with a group of fellow college musicians and singers that shared the same passion as him......MUSIC! They formed a live band which is known to the world as CommonMind Music. CommonMind performs different genres of music ranging from Jazz to R&B, Soul, Hip Hop, Neo-Soul, Funk, Blues, & many more. 

Trav has currently completed his fourth year at VSU. He is the priciple drummer for the VSU Jazz Combo A, drummer for the VSU Jazz Ensemble, drummer for the VSU Percussion Ensemble, drummer for the Gospel Starlights of Tifton, Ga, & Organist at Christian Fellowship Church (Warner Robins, GA) where Bishop Harvey B. Bee is Pastor. On June 20, 2015, Trav married the love of his life, Crystal Charmaine Holmes (now Crystal Charmaine King). They currently live in North Macon, Ga. Trav is a full time professional multi- instrumentalist & plans to continue pursuing music as a career and profession. He believes music is very powerful and that his gift from God can help change the world. He believes whole heartedly that "Music speaks where words fail"!

Professional Musicians and Artists Trav has played with:

*John Clayton (Grammy Award Winning Jazz Bassist)

*Marcus Lewis (Jazz Trombonist for Janelle Monae, B.o.B., Bruno Mars)

*Tasha Cobbs (Gospel Recording Artist)

*Vincent Garnder (Jazz Trombonist and Composer, lead trombonist for the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra)

*Chris Crenshaw (Jazz trombonist for the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra)

*Victor Goines (Jazz saxophonist & clarinetist, member of the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra)

*Leon Anderson (Jazz drummer, Director of Jazz Studies at Florida State University)

*Ken Trimmins (Jazz Trumpetist and band leader)

*Bob Sneider (Professional Jazz Guitarist)

*Pastor Jason Nelson (International Gospel Recording Artist, Musician & Pastor)

*Dennis Mackrel (Professional Jazz Drummer, Composer & Arranger)

*Darius Washington (Gospel Recording Artist)

*Kenyon Carter (Jazz Saxophonist, Bandleader, Recording Musician)

*Don Braden (Jazz Saxophonist, Bandleader, Composer)

*Casey J. (Gospel Recording Artist)

*LeAndria Johnson (Sunday Best Winner, Pastor & Gospel Recording Artist)

*Marica Chisolm (Gospel Recording Artist)


People Trav has studied music with:

*Andrew Hill (Valdosta High School)

*Michael Thomas (Valdosta High School)

*Travis Downs (Valdosta High School)

*Paul Campiglia (Valdosta State University)

*Leon Anderson (Florida State University) *brief*

*Joren Cain (Valdosta State University)

*David Springfield (Valdosta State University)

*Dennis Mackrel (Private Lesson at Valdosta State University) *brief*